nywcgirl (nywcgirl) wrote,


Some drabble...

So, temperature here are phenomenal high... This is really unheard of, so we probably will have a bad summer or something.
Since they predicted temperatures over 30°C, we drove to the beach, very early, stopped for some fresh buns and hubbie made coffee, so we had breakfast at the beach. Lovely day.
I did some writing.

And last night I went with my friends to the theater for a ballet of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, he is a flemish choreographer. It is not  a ballet I would buy tickets for myself, but we went with four friends and it was OK, there were pieces that were very good and special, but not everthing was understandable (well, for me anyway). But it gave me some ideas to continue my story 'danseur noble'.
Hope you all had a nice long weekend as well.

Tags: drabble about myself
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