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New notebook and ready to write...

Just bought myself a new notebook (a girl can spoil herself, can she?), and yes it is bling bling, but some of you will know that I like a litle bling bling in a house full of men, :-)
And you also know, or not, that I like to write by hand, yes, it makes it more work to type everything later, but consider it a first re-write...
So, as you can see, I am ready for round 8, I will write my squares in the note book and it will travel with me to greece, where I will have plenty of time to write.

So far, these are my first thoughts for the prompts:
de-age: [profile] caseyf123 asked for de-aged Neal, so no problem.
experiments by evil scientists
loss of possessions: [personal profile] ladyrose42 suggested: the photo of Neal with his Daddy's hat, lost of the hat with movement to witness protection?

assault: prequel to 'John Doe', what happened to Neal before he was brought into Grey Sloan Memorial.
allergic reaction: again, my readers will know it will be something exotic... that is all I will tell.
alien abduction: I saw the sundance edit from [personal profile] kanarek13 and was thinking about something about WC in space...
deals with demons: Timestamp to The darker side.
hypoglycemia / low blood sugar
atonement: [personal profile] pipilj asked for Neal doing social work in Paris after he feels guilty about faking his death.
attacked by a creature
medication: Timestamp in the ‘It changed me’ verse
forgiveness: Timestamp to Red mote, explaining why Neal is cursed, not sure, this could also be a fill for asphyxiation...
sacrifice: [personal profile] sheenianni gave this prompt: what if Mozzie had to somehow sacrifize his "Mozart" teddy? Like, maybe he needs to hide something in the toy for an FBI case (?) to save Neal or Peter (or little kids??) and the teddy gets damaged + the FBI needs to keep it as evidence, so Mozzie's really heartbroken... except then eventually they repair it and Peter brings it back to Moz? I mean, the teddy is all Moz has left of his parents...
heat exhaustion / heat stroke: maybe Neal is caught up in a heist and he has to stay somewhere really hot...
kidnapping: I was thinking a sequel to 'Premier danseur noble.'..
combat: AU Roman slavery?
headaches / migraines: Timestamp on Take off, Neal keeps suffering migraines after his head injury and Peter provides comfort.
body image issues: Sequel or timestamp to 'Easier to begin than to quit'
exhaustion: [personal profile] pipilj suggested to write about Peter being over worked after work and baby duty... Maybe his attention slips during an op and Neal gets hurt?
secret identity discovered: Peter finds out why Neal always wears hats… based on the movie ‘The adjustment bureau’
Wild card

So what do you guys think, to much timestamps, sequels? What do you want to read? Let me know. 
Tags: drabble about myself; h/c bingo, prompt request, round 8
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